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Ginnie Luce

Ginnie is a retired primary teacher who has a passion  to help primary students learn basic facts. She desires to share what she has learned in her 40 years that ensures that this new generation of student benefits from her decades of experience and expertise.

With this mission in mind Ginnie has created a complete program aimed at helping students master this primary math standard.  

Her program helps the teacher provide a rich experience for this fluency strand in only 20 minutes per day. The teacher uses an interactive powerpoint with music Ginnie wrote, games and activities as well as daily written activities.  What has evolved are a complete Addition and Subtraction strategy-research-based programs.  Ginnie has presented her professional passions locally, regionally, and nationally including several NCTM conferences. Her hope for your student is to master these basic number concepts internalizing that basic number sense that will release problem-solving thinking. 


Frameworks offers the teacher a complete program to help the student master basic addition and subtraction facts to twenty. Powerpoints, music, activities and assessments to track growth. 

Equip teachers with all they need to help the primary student master the math fluency standard to twenty in twenty minutes a day. 

Our Offerings
Our Mission

Our Team

Ginnie Luce

M.S. and Program Creator

Ginnie taught in the Benton Community School Corporation. Kindergarten, Second and Third grades. She also teaches piano and bible classes at her church. Ginnie's presentations at the NCTM were filled with teachers wanting "a better way" to help students learn this standard. 

Ginger Smith

M.S. + and Right Hand Helper

Ginger and Ginnie have known each other since college. Ginger, retired from Tippecanoe School Corporation has taught preschool, kindergarten, second, third, fourth, sixth and college.  Ginger also teaches bible classes at her church. 

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