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"This course was fantastic for all primary teachers who teach addition and subtraction.  Ginger and Ginnie use tried and classroom tested strategies that are spot on.  They know math instruction and get what kids need to know." Joel

"The hands on strategies with manipulatives already created are great! I also liked the reasoning provided with each strategy." Michele

"Love the flash drive!  Great way to share".  I really appreciated your in depth knowledge and experience. Ellen

"Wow, an amazing workshop!  Thank you! The strategies I learned today will guide my teaching and help my 2nd graders.  This was just what I needed!  I'll start implementing immediately. " Leann

"Great workshop.  Did what it said in flyer--useful ideas. Jennifer


I love the way Ginnie's program gives kids a starting point to begin their (math strategy) thinking.  Students build number sense instead of just memorizing facts.


In one word, the Frameworks math fact fluency program is transformative.  

It has the class excited for math.  The songs are magically engaging; students beg to sing the songs again and again, and some students even hum the songs while they're working through the 2-minute timed portion of the lesson.  It creates strategic thinkers because it focuses on strategies with which to approach problems, not rote memorization. This program has turned reluctant math students into confident problem solvers. Sarah

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